Recommended Fanless Linux Computers

If you are coming from a Raspberry Pi or BeagleBoneBlack background and need some more computational firepower then there are various options available to you. The Compulab computers are a good bet and solidly built - I would highly recommend any of these Linux Boxes especially utilizing a Solid State Drive and some extra memory. Ubuntu 16.04 server installs seamlessly on any of these Compulab machines thus feeling like a souped-up Raspberry Pi / BBB.

Compulab IPC2 Website    |    IPC2 Link

Compulab IPC2

Compulab Mintbox2 Website    |    Mintbox2 Link

Compulab Mintbox2

Compulab Fitlet Website    |    Fitlet Link

Compulab Fitlet

Beagle Bone Black Website    |    Beagle Bone Black Link


Raspberry Pi Website    |    Raspberry Pi 3 Link


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